Network Design and Implementation

The Fehl-Safe Solutions team is expert at every aspect of networking. We provide a wide range of network services for everything from the single-person office to the large scale 400+ connections network that include:

  • Setting up firewalls
  • Running cables
  • Installing switches, routers and hubs
  • Implementing high-speed Internet access
  • Setting up virtual private networks (VPNs)
  • Securing remote connections

We can also upgrade and/or extend your existing network(s) using wireless and other emerging technologies to implement whatever solution best fits ting your needs. We will use whatever solution best fits your needs.

We can go into a brand new building before the walls are enclosed and run all the cables, making sure that your connections are done correctly before you open for business. Or we can go into offices and buildings that are already built and set up a completely wireless network. Or we can drill through walls and work within dropped ceilings to complete whatever work you need us to do. Whatever it takes, the Fehl-Safe Solutions team will get the job done.