Fehl-Safe Solutions is a full-service consulting company specializing in network design, integration and security, technology purchasing, and desktop and service support. Since 1996, we have been using our considerable resources and IT expertise to offer broad-based consulting, project management, and technical support.

Our friendly, courteous, personal service is never more than a phone call or email away. Every Fehl-Safe customer is assigned a personal technician who acts as the primary point-of-contact for any technical problems 24/7. All work done on our customer systems is noted in our centralized trouble-ticket database so that Fehl-Safe technicians are continuously kept up-to-date on any work done at a customer site.

We have designed, built and maintained state-of-the-art network environments for a wide range of customers, from research and medical facilities to small and medium-size businesses of all kinds. Whether you need support for 200 workstations or a single home-office computer, whether you want to design and implement a 500-node enterprise-class secure network or simply need to purchase software licenses or have your data regularly backed up, you can rely on the Fehl-Safe team with confidence for all your technical needs!