Employee Home System Repairs

We all know that employee satisfaction helps drive productivity and productivity contributes directly to a company’s bottom line. For local companies that are looking for innovative ways to achieve excellence in these two critical success areas, Fehl-Safe Solutions offers an Employee Home System Repair service (EHSR) . EHSR helps employees keep focused and productive by eliminating the time they typically lose when home computer system components need installation, replacement, upgrade or repair. And it can help your already overstretched IT department reassign resources to higher priority work.

Here’s how the EHSR service works:

  • Employees bring technology repairs or upgrades into their office
  • Fehl-Safe picks up all units awaiting repair on a daily basis
  • Equipment is brought to a Fehl-Safe repair depot where work is completed
  • Repaired units are returned to employees at their workplace with very quick turnaround