Data Security

In today’s digital environment, the importance of data security cannot be overstated. Starting with a free onsite assessment, Fehl-Safe can help you identify risks and take action to secure your company’s critically important data. We are specialists in closing network gaps and vulnerabilities and can provide useful insights as to the key points in your infrastructure that need to be protected from intrusion or attack. We are specialists in closing network gaps and vulnerabilities. Your data will be secure.

We are also experts at data backup and at creating redundant and protected environments to safeguard mission-critical data. We can handle your backups ourselves, or we can set up automated systems that are very easy for you and your staff to use. Our skills range from setting up locked-down password protected environments, to off-site hosting in highly secured buildings with redundant internet connections, power generators and regular backups. Whatever your requirement, we can provide a solution that is flexible, cost effective, and perfectly tailored to your business needs.